If you can’t bring London to the South Africa, now you can experience a piece of South Africa in London.


Image Source: Virgin Holidays

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying a safari experience or nodding off in your own luxurious treehouse in the heart of a very busy city, say London? If your answer is on the positive, you are very lucky. This is after Virgin Holidays created a 35-foot high treehouse in London’s Southbank area. The plush treehouse has been inspired by the Lion Sand Game Reserve treehouse accommodation in South Africa, and comes with a private terrace, artistic views of River Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral, as well as a personal chef on hand.


Image Source: Virgin Holidays

The treehouse that has been designed by Hubert Zandberg, offers London visitors the chance to spend the night in there and experience, first-hand, its rustic interior that includes a range of tribal prints, pieces of African sculptures and a four-post lavish bed. The treehouse, which was until Friday 29 January opened for anyone to visit, has two hut-like spaces that are made from natural materials and are perfectly elevated to offer visitors one of the most exotic views of the London skyline.


Image Source: Virgin Holidays

With its two specially made bedrooms, the treehouse also includes a six-course degustation menu that is almost certainly aimed at the bravest eaters around. The menu includes dishes such as shaved ostrich biltong, tempura meal worms, smoked goat fillet and braised terrine of crocodile from celebrity master chef, Petrus Madutlela.


Image Source: Virgin Holidays

According to Madutlela who is from South Africa, but lives in the UK;

“Living in such a unique treehouse right in the heart of London is an incredible experience. I wanted to offer and exotic safari menu that matches it.”

He then notes;

“Although most of these ingredients are seen as a bit wild and eccentric, they are actually exceptionally tasty and good for anybody.”

For those who will be lucky enough to spend a night at this treehouse, there is no need to worry about having to take the safari-themed meals. This is because it is in central London and a Pizza Express or a Subway will always be just around the corner just in case you need a different menu. Nonetheless, staying at the treehouse is a phenomenal way of experiencing part of South African safari experience right within central London.