Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but the reality is that production company caught some absolutely amazing footage of a storm off of Australia with a timelapse camera and its awesome.

We’ve all had nightmares. Nightmares in our sleep that we could not comprehend when we abruptly wake up completely confused and frightened. But watching a 30 seconds time lapse video of a thunderstorm off the coast of Maroochydore, Australia, will perhaps give you a glimpse into what nightmares look like in real life. Just like in nightmares, the footage is nightmarish; a real version of what hell would look like, but at the same time looking intense and highly spectacular.

To be honest, the time lapse video will probably be the most stunning and terrifying storm you will ever see. It was an electrical display of lightning bustling and snapping as thunderstorm, sunshine and clouds were all morphed into one place creating unimaginable shapes and images that nobody can clearly comprehend.

The footage was capture by photographer Shane Gehlert of Blue Dog Films who spent around four hours outside just to capture this once-in-a-generation nature extravaganza. Using a Canon 5D Mark III and an intervalometer, Shane captured the video before using After Effects software to edit the raw footage.  The spectacle was as a result of a series of storm cells and clouds of lightning that kept charging over and over for millions of strikes.

The intense thunderstorm had lightning striking through heavy clouds that overshoot in density layers over the surrounding upwelling storm that was reminiscent of a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.