These are 5 items that you really should not leave Portugal without.

Incredible products and is a paradise for shoppers. Here are 5 things you must buy from Portugal.

1.       Cork Accessories


Portugal tops the list when it comes to producing and exporting cork accessories. When you are shopping in Portugal, you will find amazing cork shoes, hats, wallets, purses, jewelry, and even ties. The material is amazingly flexible and light and you can find an assortment of dyed and natural cork products all over the country. Certain things like shoes and bags can be a little expensive in the range of $50 to $150 but they are surely worth it as they are the best souvenirs that could be bought in Portugal.

2.       Olive Oil


Portugal prides itself on being a pioneer in the production of olive oil in the entire world, with the six regions that grow seven famous varieties of olive. These olives are diverse and rich in flavor and considered to produce the best olive oil.

3.       High-Class Clothing



Your trip to Portugal is only considered well enjoyed if you have bought some great dresses from this worthwhile travel destination. From highly stylish dresses to vintage clothing, Portugal has it all. Look for the top names including Ana Salazar, Fatima Lopes, and Manuel Alves. Interestingly, you’ll be able to attend the famous fashion week in Portugal if you happen to visit there in October.

4.       Footwear


On the off chance that you have additional room in your bag, make your way downtown towards Porto or Lisbon and buy yourself a pair of shoes.

After Italy, Portugal produces the best and most luxurious shoes in the world. You can find the finest leather shoes here from sneakers to boots for everyone. Some of the best-quality leather is crafted in Portugal, so make the most of it and treat yourself to a pair of shoes!

5.       Ceramic Tiles


If you are an art and antique enthusiast, Azulejos (patterned tiles) are the ideal souvenir for you.

These glazed and painted tiles have been a part of Portugal history for over five centuries and you can see these amazing pieces of art in the architecture of the country including the castles, monasteries, and other historic sites.

Make sure you buy these five souvenirs on your way back from Portugal. These things will surely give your home a new glow!