Breathtaking pathway in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say and if there’s one picture that clearly portrays the true power of these words, it’s the image of the recently opened Paiva River boardwalk as captured and documented by Nelson Garrido.

To put it into perspective, Paiva boardwalk is a far-fetched eight-kilometer and extremely narrow wooden route that embraces the Paiva River and meanders across a mountainous natural terrain in Arouca, Porto, in Northern Portugal. This dizzying walkway weaves through the area’s scenic landscape and provides a walk through an “untouched” surrounding full of natural beauty and authentic natural sanctuary. It offers visitors a comprehensive view of the river’s waterfalls, out-of-the-ordinary flora and fauna, quartz crystal deposits and the sprawling river at the base of the mountainous terrain.


Not just your normal walk in nature, Garrido’s captivating photographs depict Paiva boardwalk as a unique infrastructure that’s intended to offer more while interfering with the surrounding environment in the most minimum way. Commissioned by the Arouca Municipality and built by an engineering firm called Trimètrica, the Paiva boardwalk has a meandering staircase that leads to the top of the enormous mountain while providing a 360⁰ view of the unique terrain.

Looking at Garrido’s birds-eye-view photos of this astonishing boardwalk will have you thinking how marvelous walking on this boardwalk can be. It’s definitely a pathway through a biological, geological and archaeological journey that will remain entrenched in the heart, soul and mind of any nature lover.