Artist delivers a unique view of Tokyo at night and it reminiscent of the Blade Runner sets from the super cool movie.

For several weeks, talented photographer and graphic designer, Liam Wong traversed the length and breadth of Tokyo to come up with a remarkable photo series entitled ‘Neo Tokyo’. These photos portray just how this vast mega-city, which is home to 14 million residents, gets transformed by the obscurity of the night.

12935017_1054524801270391_1510993481_nFrom crowded pedestrian crossings and frozen traffic, quiet streets and dark alleys illuminating with lanterns, to neon signs and billboards reflected in wet umbrellas, everything looks like a cyberpunk tale of high tech, low life. He somehow manages to capture the stillness of a city that is always in an everlasting motion.

Lit up in various neon colors including green, blue and pink, Wong takes the viewer into a serene and glorious world that only brings back the memories of your favorite anime video game. These are photos that will make you want to see it all for yourself.