A novel way to get into shape, as long as your not afraid of heights.

If you’re a rollercoaster aficionado and getting tired with the lack of glam that automated drops, spins and dips that normal rollercoasters offer, Japan’s SkyCycle might be your ultimate choice.

Located in Washuzan Highland Amusement Park in Japan’s Okayama City, it’s probably one of the craziest rollercoasters in the world. It will surely send cold chills down the spines of even the most courageous, bravest and daring thrill seekers.

While many rollercoasters promise to take thrill seekers through speedy bends and drops that’ll make their stomachs drop while they sit there safely, this one is the complete opposite. Instead of sitting there enjoying the ride, you’ll have to pedal all the way by yourself.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll have to ride the basket bicycle four stories above the ground, and remember…… there are no rails to protect you from falling to your death! You can only count on a seat belt that holds you onto the bike. To make the situation even worse, looking down at the nerve-racking view beneath you will only tickle the imagination of what would become of you should you fall.

That aside, there’s perchance no better place to snap a selfie than in the spectacular background view of the Shimotsui-Seto Bridge that’s on offer. You’ll just have to hold on tight and avoid leaning out too much.