This architect turned photographer has uncovered some of the most incredibly colorful images of his home town.

While most architects spend their time designing new buildings, another one has been busy capturing the beauty of some amazing designs that are already in existence. Over the past year, Turkish architect and photographer Yener Torun has been going around his home city of Istanbul and the rest of Turkey searching for architectural designs that are impossibly colorful and dominated by out-of-the-world geometrical patterns.

The 32-year-old has taken upon himself to turn the Turkish capital into some sort of geographical equivalent of Aladdin’s cave of wonders. Based on captivating Ottoman and Byzantine architectures, these buildings are full of incredible rainbow colors, and amusing architectural eccentricities.Yener is quick to admit that such buildings are rare.

“These buildings are never easy to come by, so when I spend my time finding them, it’s like a treasure hunt,” he says.

Taking a look into his Instagram will usher you into an impressive architectural collection that you’ve never seen on the photo-sharing app.

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 58

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 37

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 57

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 55Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 56

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 54

Istanbul's Brilliant Colors 53