There’s being there and then there’s seeing there. This photog decided to give us the ultimate Paris Tour in 2 minutes!

Ever seen a visual piece of work that makes you giddy and maybe even nauseous, not for its content but for the way it has been filmed? Well, if you though the sights of Paris could only overwhelm your senses in a good way, you only need to spend two minutes watching this hyperlapse video created by Tyler Fairbank to realize that one of the most beautiful cities in the world can send your mind into a a literal spin.

Labeled Bonjour Paris, the work is synonymous with Fairbank’s other creations as the sole mind behind Light Owl Productions, a production house through which this genius indulges in his passion for time lapse photography, filmmaking and editing.

In the long list of videos that you see on Light Owl’s official company website, you’ll notice some of the biggest names in the business teaming up with Fairbank to talk about his work and these include the BBC, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, and more, and when you go through his amazing line up of work you’ll find this impressive media coverage extremely justifiable.

From Instagram to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook too, the images and videos that Fairbank shares via Light Owl Productions are quite innovative, and Bonjour Paris surely makes it to the top of that list.

This visual magician’s extraordinary skills in hyper lapse, time lapse and Glidecam artistry has helped him bag work with commercial names such as Samsung, PBS, ABC, Qualcomm and more but the video he created with the help of his Parisian expert girlfriend seems to be just what the world needed. Enjoy the ride.