Artist exposes Stockholm’s beautiful and intricate art and architecture throughout its subway system.

Apart from their ability to offer transport, many subway stations around the world are often associated with dirt, garbage, rodents and noise. However, that cannot be said of Stockholm’s Tunnelbana. This is possibly the most beautiful subway system in the world.

Featuring over 100 stations, this is the “longest art exhibition in the world” at 110 kilometers. This famous subway is reflective of Sweden’s eye for design and brings forth the country’s progressive design aesthetics in modern sculptures, paintings, mosaics, engravings and installations.

Traveling through this astonishing tunnel is reminiscent of going through an exciting form of art that extends from the 1950s to the modern times. Take for instance, the Kungsträdgården Station; it’s designed to look like an archaeological excavation that’s full of the historical remains of the old Stockholm Makalös Palace. And when you reach the Östermalmstorg Station, you’ll come to terms with Sweden’s inspirational advocacies for women rights, peace and environmental issues.

Additionally, the subway is decorated with carefully placed lights that give it a natural appeal and stylish paint jobs that remain absolutely stunning to the eye. Besides being a great way of traveling around Stockholm, it’s also a must-see-destination when you visit Sweden.

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