Pick from “MirrorCube”, “The UFO”, “The Blue Cone”, “Bird’s Nest”, and “The Cabin”. Each architecturally designed unit is suspended in the trees, surrounded by nature.

Growing up, it seemed to be the coolest kids were the ones that had a treehouse: that private space all their own to escape into whenever they wanted. Even ascending the ladder to that coveted space brought a sense of excitement. Now adults (and kids too) can rediscover that excitement at Treehotel, which offers five very unique and contemporary spaces nestled within the forest in Harads, Sweden.

Owners Britta and Kent Lindvall, already operating a small hotel in the village of 600, were inspired to build the treehouse accommodations from Swedish documentary, “The Tree Lover”, a story of three city men who return to the peace and tranquility of their roots, and decide to realize their childhood dream of building a treehouse together.

The Lindvalls engaged Scandanavia’s leading architects to design each ‘treeroom’ with common goals, including the use of sustainable construction and energy solutions, having minimal environmental impact, and each with windows offering a spectacular view of Lule Lake. Units, equipped for year-round occupancy, are suspended on living trees, 4-6 metres above ground, and are built to remain level as the trees grow over time.

Outside of achieving the necessary specifications, the architects definitely put their creativity to work: the exterior of each treeroom is dramatically different, as well as their complementing interior contemporary spaces. Even the method of entry to each treeroom varies from hanging bridge to retractable ladder.

Guests park and check in at the guest house, leaving their vehicle and everything else they wish to leave (emotional baggage, work, stress..) behind, and walk through the forest to their airy accommodation, with the gleeful anticipation of not really knowing what to expect until they experience it for themselves. Here’s a glimpse of what they’d see:

At the end of a 12 metre suspension bridge, guests will find the entrance to the “Mirror Cube”, aptly named for its mirrored wall exterior that reflects the surrounding forest, effectively camouflaging it amongst the trees. The six large windows provide a fabulous view to the outside, but no one can see in offering excellent privacy.




The exterior of the “Bird’s Nest” looks quite literally like a huge nest blending into the surrounding tree branches. At the top of the retractable ladder, the sleek and contemporary interior is a sharp contrast, providing comfort and amenities for up to four lucky inhabitants.



The idea of creating “The UFO” came while Bird’s Nest was being constructed – the owners thought while the Bird’s Nest was in harmony with the forest, a UFO would be the absolute contrast. The UFO is cast in a lightweight composite material, and accommodates up to five people in the space-like environment that extends into the interior – think circular windows, cool bedding, curved ceilings.




The Lindvalls have described the design of the “Blue Cone” as being based on accessibility and simplicity, and well-suited for those with disabilities. After walking over a bridge from a nearby mountain, guests of the Blue Cone are greeted by an airy and light Scandi interior, and windows with breathtaking views.



“The Cabin” is suspended high up overlooking the Lule river valley, and is accessed by a horizontal footbridge through the trees. Two lucky guests will enjoy a private terrace and spectacular views.



The design and construction of these amazing accommodations was no easy feat. A Youtube video that covers a tour of the treerooms and footage of some of the construction process is quite interesting:

As if the cool accommodations weren’t enough of a draw, a myriad of seasonal activities are available, such as white water rafting, dog sledding, mountain biking, ice fishing and much more.

It’s no surprise that these Treerooms have been quite popular, with celebrity guests such as Swedish Princess Victoria, Kate Moss, and model Karlie Kloss recently completing a photo shoot there for Vogue.

For those that want to do something completely different, one of those trips that create memories that last a lifetime, this just might be it.