Knowing the impact of different colors in other cultures is a must for even the most seasoned traveler.

Colours have a huge impact on our lives. Little do we know, different colors represent different things in every culture. So, when you are heading towards your favorite travel destination, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring what specific colors actually say about certain things. While travelling, you can always have a look on how colors impact on the culture around you.


Red is known as the most powerful color in the Indian culture. The color red represents love, purity, and beauty. This color is also worn by the bride. Red is linked with mourning in South Africa as the red section of the flag of their country symbolizes sacrifices they made for independence.


Yellow symbolizes weakness, betrayal or jealousy in France. The doors of criminals and traitors were painted yellow in France in the 10th century. However, yellow signifies jealousy in Germany.

As yellow resembles gold, it is reserved for high ranked people in African nations. Egyptians used to paint mummies in yellow color, making it a symbol of mourning. In Thai culture, yellow is worn on Mondays and is considered lucky.


Blue is associated with depression in the Western cultures. And it is also considered as a soothing and calming colour. Blue is considered to the color of a boy, except China, where blue is a feminine color.


Green symbolizes greed, jealousy, freshness, money, etc in the Western Culture. The Irish consider green to be a color of luck. Most Asian and Eastern cultures associate green with youth, new beginnings, and eternal life.


The color purple is associated with power, wealth in royalty in many Western and Eastern cultures. While many countries like Italy, U.K., India, Thailand, and Brazil associate purple with death.


The color orange is linked to mourning in the Egyptian culture. However, Netherlands’s national color is orange and is associated with wealth! In Chinese and Japanese cultures, orange symbolizes love, good health, and courage.


Pink is known as the color of love, care, femininity, romance, and the birth of a baby girl in many Western and Eastern cultures.

These are a few colors that are associated with different cultures. Now that you know which color associates what in a country, feel confident wearing colors accordingly without worrying.