This is a mouthwatering tour from around the world with some of the best street food.

Many of us may feel ashamed to choose a holiday destination purely based on its food options, but not for Melissa Hie. For the last two years, the Singapore-based Indonesian has traveled the world sampling and documenting the delicious treats that she eats while on the go.

During most of her travels, Hie ensures that sumptuous treats go in one hand while the other hand holds the camera so that her 336,000 “Girl Eat World” followers are updated on the yummy local delicacies available in her unbelievable locations.

Whether she’s heading over to Japan to sample some sushi, or flying to Germany for the Oktoberfest, Hie ensures that she’s seen (tasted and eaten) it all. Using the same central pose in all her pictures, Hie involves all her followers on her trips around the world with each picture showing every destination at a time.

So far, Hie has visited more than 31 countries and hopes to travel to every single country. If you haven’t scrolled down her Instagram, you won’t understand why the word “craving” could be an understatement in this case. She’s definitely on a mission to paint every picture of all her destinations and what she’s grubbing at every given moment.

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