If you’re smart about it, you can save on vacation without compromising your experience 

You leave home, and the money starts trickling down your pocket. Why not try to save it? Here are seven ways you could save money while travelling:

  1. Visit Your Bank Before You Traveltrip-01

Arrange money beforehand and carry it in someplace safe. This way, you will be able to avoid paying those ATM fees you dread paying! Moreover, to avoid further problems in money exchange, talk to your banker instead of consulting some online site to guide you on how to spend money abroad. This is the only way you’ll be able to avoid paying money to get help regarding the usage of your own money!

  1. Look for Price Dropstrip-02

Airplanes, hotel accommodation, you name it, their prices drop and fluctuate. Look for those and let them help you cut your travel costs down since many airlines let you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase free of cost. To get the best hotel rates, make Tingo your best friend! It will pay you back the rate drop automatically.

  1. Pack Smartlytrip-03

Try to pack things in a manner that they don’t take up space. Here is a simple yet effective way to pack your clothes smartly: instead of folding your dresses, roll them! Try this out and you’ll feel real difference in the storage space of your suitcase.

Another option is to increase your carry-ons. These will help you avoid paying for extra luggage. You could try checking your luggage on your way back home if you plan to do a little shopping while you’re on your trip.

  1. Where to Stay?trip-04

You may not know it but you have options. You can housesit and not pay for the hotels. This is especially applicable in metropolitan cities such as New York, London, or other cities where living is quite costly. Join websites like MindMyHouse, Trustedhousesitters or Housecarers where you can find houses to sit for.

  1. Explore Your Eating Optionstrip-05

Contrary to what you think dining in fine restaurants where one bill burns a huge hole in your pocket, you have other options too. Housesitting lets you have an access to a kitchen. So, why not cook some meals on your own?

  1. Choose Transportation Wiselytrip-07

Taking cabs everywhere is not feasible. You are unaware of the gas prices and it can end up as more expensive than the cabs. Try using the public transportation. This way, you will interact with the locals. Isn’t that also a part of travelling? The governments of most travel destinations have discounted smart cards systems. So, a good advice is to try to avail those. You could also try walking; ask your concierge to guide you and try to experience the city, and stay fit while you’re at it!

  1. Reward Points!trip-08

Don’t just ignore the reward points. They may fill up more easily than you think! You might even be offered some programs or freebies for just signing up.