Always wanted to take one of those ‘other’ kind of holidays, you know the ones that don’t involve drunken lines at the buffet tables.  Well here’s our list of 10 cool different vacation spots.

Saving up for that dream vacation? Well, here’s some good news for you. 2016 is the year that can actually make your beautiful vacation come true. Here are some of the worthwhile packages you should consider to enjoy your vacations this year.

  1. Peru’s Valleytravel-01

From July 1, 2016, Valle Sagrado Lodges will be open for visitors. To mark the occasion, the company is offering a two-for-one package. The lodges will offer 20 different excursions on foot, bicycle, and vans. A three-day trip will cost you $2,160 if you book before February 26, 2016.

  1. Norway’s Northern Lightstravel-02

Thanks to the ultra low fare flights to Scandinavia, this part of the world is no more remote for US travelers. Now, you can take the magical trip to see the Aurora Borealis. Fare from New York to Oslo is as low as $144 per person.

  1. The Arctic Polar Bear’s Migrationtravel-03

Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Photo Safari is a polar bear migration viewing where you can see polar bears and observe their migrations in the Arctic. The trip will cost $9,786 per person with lodging and travelling.

  1. Sri Lanka’s Undiscovered Wonderstravel-04

Don’t miss the Exotic Sri Lanka: UNESCO world heritage trip for women above 30. The trip will take women along the spice trail and explore Sri Lanka’s undiscovered places.

  1. Japan’s Ancient Routetravel-05

This trip will include hiking through Kumano Kodo village route, kayaking through the bay of Miyajima, and cycling through the suspension bridge of Shimanami Kaido. It will cost $3,824 per person depending on the travel package you choose.

  1. Nepal’s Himalayan Peaks And Valleystravel-06

If you are ready to spend ten to fifteen days of your vacations, then this can be an ideal trekking trip sticking to the lower parts of the Himalayas.

  1. Cubatravel-07

If you love the retro charm of the Caribbean, then this island is the place to visit. Though there are visa and passport restrictions that need to be taken care of, this travel destination is surely a must visit place.

  1. Australia’s Remote New Walking Pathtravel-08

If you are into long distance hiking and trekking, then the new capes trail along the tallest cliffs of Australia is just for you. The trail includes a cabin to cabin trail with each cabin having kitchen, bedroom, electricity, and other facilities. The trip will cost $361 for adults and $289 children.

  1. Galapagos Islandstravel-10

You can explore Galapagos and discover its hidden habitats yourself. Most people who visit the place have usually visited it on a cruise but now you can go hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking in the clear waters. The tour packages of Galapagos islands offer meals, accommodations, and many other facilities all in for $4,695 per person.

  1. Greenlandtravel-09

If you are a foodie, then visiting Greenland is a must for you in 2016. During summers, this small ice- covered country offers a wide variety of fresh pickings as well as games.