This German now holds the world record for the fastest drone.

We have covered lots of cool drones such as this one in the past. However, never have we emphasized on how fast these futuristic quadcopters can be. To vividly highlight this feat; a German engineer has literally trudged into the Guinness books of records after his quadcopter drone attained the fastest 100 meters rise by a drone. His custom-made quadcopter drone reached a shocking 328 feet in a matter of 3.871 seconds.

Dirk Brunner, who hails from German city of Munich, designed and built the rotor drone to explore its technical limits. The drone has four separate highly powerful rotors that help it achieve immense directional thrust.

The device achieved the record-breaking ascent that was truthfully measured by an on-board barometric altimeter. The instrument measured the drone’s altitude capability during the official Guinness World Record title in Munich, Germany.