Challenges at the modern workplace are many. Thankfully, the apps that are available today help you tackle them with finesse.

Here are a few apps that can make your work life a lot easier! Google+ Hangouts and its feature of planning free video conferences on different devices is among the first.

Then there’s Doodle, an app that not only helps you fix meetings between clients and business associates but even allows them to choose a mutually comfortable date and time. Doodle even saves important details of the meeting and then gives them the option to share this info.

For years, MS PowerPoint was the only option for preparing presentations. Well, Prezi is a great alternative now, with a great range of templates that make every presentation an even more interesting one.

When it’s Project Management that you need help with, Asana is a great solution, allowing team members get in touch with each other on a transparent platform, thus eliminating the need to exchange countless emails. Creating tasks, writing out notes and instructions and deciding on deadlines – it’s all easier on Asana.

Pocket is a storage app that acts like your online diary. Only, this one saves every bit of information you wish to store, so you can access it later.

When it’s social interaction, IFTTT is the boss, allowing you to post updates across several social media networks, in one shot!

Increasing your workplace productivity is no longer an excuse thanks to these apps!