Finally! An Air Conditioner for the 21st Century

Now that summer is around the corner, we probably all agree that the window air conditioners that have been in use for the last 60 years are a nightmare that have bombarded us with a terrible user experience with their big, ugly, loud and difficult to install features.

Fortunately, that’s now all about to change with this new Noria device that’s a lot slimmer, cleaner and is generally going to be more pleasing to blow you all summer.

In essence, Noria is a device designed by Philadelphia-based Likuma Labs to address all the shortcomings of traditional window air conditioners that have been a huge pain in the ass for a very long time. This futuristic device promotes a pain-free window air conditioner experience with its intuitive thermostat knob interface that makes interacting with it simple and pleasurable.


Apart from being light and easy to transport, Noria has smart features to enable you make energy saving changes and easily control it via Bluetooth from either your iPhone or Android device. Unlike the traditional models, Noria won’t obstruct your view from the window, but most importantly, will efficiently cool your house, condo or office.

So far, Noria’s creators are raising money through a Kickstarter campaign to mass produce this amazing device right before this upcoming summer. We’re hopeful that it will bring in those breezy outside air on June to September nights that even central air cannot offer.

Noria-Thermostat Noria-Adjust-Temperature Noria-Frame-Installation