Xiaomi Launches Laptops, and They Look a Lot Like an Apple!

Xiaomi is one of the biggest, and one of the most impressive of Chinese smartphone makers. and now the company had surprised the smartphone segment with its Mi5 smartphone, and since then, has gained the trust of its customers for not only manufacturing a classy phone with a great design, but also proving to be a reliable brand.

Now, since Xiaomi has built a reputation for itself in the smartphone segment, its announcement that it will also be adding a laptop to its lineup of product offerings was welcomed with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Then, Xiaomi dropped not one, but two slick laptops, and the first question that came to mind when you the products is “Hey, don’t these look a lot like a MacBook?”.

Truly, the Xiaomi Air 12 and the Xiaomi Air 13 – yes, even the names resemble the new MacBook Air model from Apple – are the first big machines from the Xiaomi stable, and whether or not the Apple resemblance was intentional, the products have certainly managed to make a big splash simply by their looks.

Extremely stylish and slick, with looks that put them up there with the most premium laptops in the market today, these two machines spell out style in bold capital letter with every element, right from the box to the machine’s sleek design.

There are a few shortcomings though, which range from smaller ones like the placement of the power button and the absence of a card reader to other major ones such as a glossy screen and slower processors.

The really bad news? Xiaomi has decided to limit the sales and distribution of its first laptops only to Chinese territories. And there’s no news on whether or not the company intends to sell these laptops in other markets. So the rest of the world will have to make do with Apple MacBook Airs until then.