All Yours for $69.  No really.

Are you looking for a really affordable laptop? Look no more, you just need to check out Azpen Hybrx. Even though it has a seemingly unpronounceable name, it’s a complete laptop that comes with some decent specs and features. And it could all be yours for as low as $69. However, you’ll have to be among the first 200 backers of this newly created laptop to get it at this price.

Speaking of its respectable features, the Azpen Hybrx runs on Android 5.1 that comes with its own Remix OS 2.0 that you can upgrade to OS 3.0.  It has a A64 Cortex A53 64-bit Quad Core Processor and is packed with an 11.6-inch HD LCD screen display. Available in two models, you can choose either the 2GB RAM DDR3 with a 32GB flash storage or the 1GB RAM DDR with a 16GB flash storage.  You’ll also have the chance of expanding the laptop’s tidy storage with a 128GB microSD card.

It’s well sensible to note that the $69 price is a crowdfunding value, but if the manufacturers can afford to sell such a fully-functional laptop at this price, it won’t be long before other ambitious manufacturers start producing similarly cool laptops at the same price ranges.  About time we say, about time.