This team take us into the 3D world of VR gaming.

Unless you’ve been living in an alien world or have just woken up from a three year coma, you’ve probably heard a lot about HTC Vive and Virtual Reality in general – the futuristic trend that will transform the way we consume media. Well, this ultramodern HTC Vive device is here now and it’s set to change the world.

HTC Vive may be debatably the most advanced VR headset presently available, but until last week, no one had perfectly experienced or visualized what it is like using a VR tool. And because the product is now available in the market, Valve posted a new video that absolutely nails what it feels like playing video games in VR.

Many of the games that are shown in the demo video such as The Lab come free with the purchase of the device. Other games include; Fantastic Contraption, Hover Junkers, Tilt Brush, Budget Cuts and many more. On top of that, HTC Vive is the more immersive than the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR since it allows for room-scale experience and comes with extremely accurate motion controllers.