An interesting idea is taking hold and it might change the movie business forever.

If you’re a Virtual Reality fan, a trip to Amsterdam will need to be a part of your travel plans soon and no, we’re not talking about one of ‘those’ trips to Amsterdam! We’re letting you in on the spanking new Virtual Reality Theater that’s popped up in the city and is the brainchild of Samhoud Media.

The “World’s First Virtual Reality Cinema” experience is going down in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, and everyone’s invited to the VR Cinema at Samhoud Media’s Canal House. Tickets are already on sale at and the their website promises the experience to be one that will make Virtual Reality accessible to all.

The first bit of equipment that promises to take you into a different world are custom made swivel chairs that help you move 360 degrees, allowing you to take in the VR vibes from every angle possible. Sennheiser HD 201 headphones provide you with the sound that convincingly takes you to another world while a Samsung Gear VR set along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 completes the journey with state of the art visuals.


For now, the theater offers viewers movies that last for about half an hour, with tickets costing around $15, and each show catering to a crowd of about 50. The titles include In Your Face and Invasion, with patrons being given the liberty of choosing between these shows, with more titles expected in future. There’s a special one-hour package for kids too, with “cheerful and fun films” lined up for the little ones.

If you can’t make it all the way to Amsterdam, there will soon be plenty of other cities where you can take in a similar VR experience, courtesy Samhoud Media’s plans of expanding its venture to other major cities around the planet and Paris, Madrid, Berlin and London are the cities that are in the planning stages.