Google develops a new VR accessory to help artists create in the virtual world.

Until now, virtual reality has been faced by a major obstacle: bringing a load of non-gamers to the world of virtual reality. Because non-gamers may not be interested in spending their hours on PlayStation or Xbox, involving them in the use of Virtual Reality (VR) devices has proved a challenge. However, Google has created an intuitive VR painting tool that will help non-gamers (and everyone else) beautifully explore and create in their world.

Known as Tilt Brush, this new app is set to push the boundaries and revolutionize the definition of painting. With just a swipe of a digital brush, artists, architects and designers will literally have the opportunity of putting down their conventional brushes and walk into the world of virtual reality where they can explore their 3D sketches as they draw them.

Tilt Brush is accessible on the HTC Vive headset device and allows users to create VR images by using a straightforward controller that enables them to mimic the act of painting. It comes with a range of colors and brushes that can be selected from a virtual “palette” and allows users to walk through their in-progress paintings.

With its recent release, Tilt Brush is trying to appeal to those outside the gamer market.

“At its core, Tilt Brush is a VR painting application that’s created for anyone including kids and artists,” said Grew Skillman, the app’s co-developer.

It’s a stylish drawing tool that has an incredible interface that resembles something out of a blockbuster sci-fi flick and is set to put the dull 2D drawing apps to shame.