This one if for all those Tech geeks out there and puts all those other wearables to shame.

With the modern technology, virtually every smartwatch is fitted with high-tech features that allow the wearer to receive crucial notifications such as personal fitness tracking. While this seems to be the modern norm, sometimes watch lovers need simplistic wristwatches that perfectly combine futuristic technology and the cool factors of pop culture.

watch 01

Thanks to J.M. De Cristofaro, a popular engineer and blogger, here is a cyberpunk-themed wristwatch that perfectly fits the description of a wristwatch known as ChronodeVFD that fully amalgamate the realms of advanced technology and the punk of pop culture.

watch 02

According to Cristofaro, he has been working on this amazing project for months. It is a perfect wristwatch that is based on an IVL2-7/5 VFD display tubes that were meant to build a simple desk clock. However, with little imagination and creativity, he came up with a wristwatch that connects pop culture of 1980s with modern technological advancements.


This uptown funk modern wristwatch is built with many superb modern features that make it an incredible pop culture costume piece with a touch of modern technology. As a little homemade device, it is impossible for ChronodeVFD to lack some imperfections such as its short battery life. Nonetheless, this is a modern wristwatch that combines technology and pop culture to perfection.

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