Twitter’s in a tough spot and its looking for anyway to get itself back in the game.

With the innovativeness that is rife on social media, users feel better equipped to use GIFs instead of doing the conventional writing. Many social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Tinder and Tumblr, allow users to perfectly add objects and images that express exactly the way they feel through the GIFs button.

Taco_Party_0In the past, Twitter seemed to have reservations regarding the GIFs feature, but there has been change of heart after it launched it on Wednesday as an official feature. The social media network unveiled the search-and-insert button so as to make it easy for Twitter users to lighten up their tweets and messages with amusing image loops.

The popularity of GIFs have grown in recent time with statistics showing that more than 100 million social media users used them in 2015. Now that Twitter has joined the bandwagon, it is proper to say that the use of GIFs will even escalate to unforeseen heights. This search GIFs button will not only make Twitter more appealing to every social media users, but will also augment the use of visual cues in form of GIFs and emojis as a popular communication trend.

On face value, it may appear that this feature will simply add fun to Twitter, but it will be an important way of communicating without having to write every word. All you have to do is click the GIFs buttons and choose an image that exactly expresses your feelings.