This new tech lets you turn your device into a portable microscope.

In a world where we’re often in need of our Smartphone cameras to capture everything around us, there’s probably nothing that we need more than this new gadget known as BLIPS. In short, if you love your phone and its camera, this intelligent gadget will make you love it more and is surely one of the coolest devices that will bring the best out of your Smartphone cameras’ hidden talents.

To be precise, BLIPS are tiny sticky lenses that come both in micro and macro forms. They allow you to see deep inside the micro-world of your phone just like a microscope would let you see things you can’t see with your naked eyes. For instance, this mega slim attachement will let you see the micro-parts of your photos that are hidden from your eyes.

Its macro BLIPS lens is only 0.5mm, but offers 10 times optical magnification to your normal phone lens. On the other hand, micro BLIPS lens is fit for scientific use as it offers a much higher magnification. The best part of this uniquely powerful gadget is that it’s undeniably affordable and will range from $23 to $57 when it finally hits the market.

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