In the current world of in-home Virtual Reality (VR) and the obsession with training, going out for a walk in the name of exercise is actually overrated. This after an incredible technological machine named, Infinadeck Omnidirectional treadmill was introduced. With many people feeling the need to remain private in every part of their lives, this is a machine that can allow you to walk forever in any direction, while in real sense you are never going anywhere.

Being a brainchild of George Burger, the Infinadeck Omnidirectional treadmill is a monstrous machine that weighs 500 pounds with a base of 35 square feet. It has a looping belt that is powered by two motors, which can enable the user to stand atop in the opposite direction they intend to walk. It is manufactured in such a way that the direction that you intend to walk does not matter much because the belt below will move to the opposite direction; thereby allowing seamless movement.

According to Burger, the prototype of this machine was inspired in him when he watched his son play Call of Duty some years back and thought that it would be a wise thing for his son to walk in a virtual way rather than sit on the couch the whole day playing computer games. Even though the Infinadeck Omnidirectional treadmill is not the first VR treadmill in the market, it sets itself a notch higher because of its motorized components.

In order for this amazing machine to work correctly, it needs to know your direction of movement so that it can counter-act your walking acceleration. The Infinadeck perfectly detects your movement direction in a simple and elegant way through its many motorized components. There are also VR headsets that hang above the platform that can be worn while walking on the treadmill.

According to users, the Infinadeck Omnipresent treadmill makes in-home walking very natural and seamless. This is a sure indication that virtual reality and training is going on another high level through the help of technology.