The Ultimate Tech Show Gives us the 5 things to look for this year.

  1. Bendable TV Screens, Phone, and Computertech-ces-2016-01

CEA won’t be CES until we see someone with a crazy TV. And this year, that honor went to LG with their 98-inch monster of a TV UH9800 model with 8K display. Since the world of technology is evolving so fast, by the time people will be able to afford this insanely big television, something better would be in the market already. LG doesn’t end the surprise there. They also came with an 18-inch OLED display which is flexible and can be rolled up, just like a newspaper.

  1. We’re on the way to the Next Generation of Autostech-ces-2016-02

This year, CES got stolen by a secretive electric car company called Faraday Future when they unveiled FFZERO1 concept car. Claimed to do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and with the horsepower 1000, the amazing car with 200 mph top speed looks like the amazing batmobile.

  1. Wearable Tech is the Futuretech-ces-2016-03

Since the launch of FitBit a few years back, they have decided to go for the bigger fish by launching a smartwatch. In just £135, their new watch, Blaze, tracks your heart rate, calories, sleep, and steps.

In other news, HTC and Under Armor teamed up together and launched a fitness starter pack called HealthBox.

  1. Drones Aren’t Going Anywhere Yettech-ces-2016-04

From dull to silly toys, drones have made a full circle. People are taking the drone seriously again as their myriad applications have become apparent.

As Amazon Prime Air are still taking tiny steps, the drones are limited to videography. This drone will faithfully follow you wherever you go, and is ideal for the ultimate selfie or for filming extreme sports.

  1. Virtual Reality Is Finally Comingtech-ces-2016-05

It’s time for the gamers to celebrate because Virtual Reality is growing.

HTC will be showcasing VR offering in the shape of HTC Vive Pre which is a virtually developed reality system and will be partnering with Valve, the gaming company. It doesn’t look different from its former models, but it’s what’s inside that counts.