We pretty much all start our day by grabbing our phones, or like devices, and check the weather, news headlines and maybe even social media, but this engineer decided that he would prefer to multitask in the morning.

More often than not, technology will never seize to amaze you. For instance, at the 2016 CES convention, inventors came up with many creations that were based on very intelligent ideas. One of them was a new refrigerator from Samsung that came with a very gargantuan touchscreen and sparked different opinions. Sounds wild? Yes, of course, but not like a giant and elegant android-powered bathroom mirror that is already taking the internet by storm as arguably the greatest invention of all time.


Image Source: medium.com

Developed by Google software engineer, Max Braun- in fact during his free time- the android-powered bathroom mirror is a clear reflection that we are indeed blessed to have lived in the era of smart objects. It may seem unreal, but this is one accessory that you would want standing in your home closet right now.


Image Source: medium.com

The revolutionary mirror, which currently stands on Braun’s bathroom, is a two-way mirror with a magnificent controller board, a display panel, exquisite components, as well as illustrative arts and crafts supplies. This elegant and ingenious device is android-powered to offer the same news that you can glance on your Smartphone. Whether you are in need of headline news, weather updates, date or time, you can do it in the comfort of your bathroom- all you need is this never-seen-before mirror.

Looking at the finer details of this sleek android-powered mirror, it becomes particularly not to notice that it is probably inspired by the science-fiction movie, Ex Machina. In the movie, a lustrous near-future Gorilla Glass brings to the fold concept videos whereby every lucent surface that the characters come across, impeccably comes to life with important information from the cloud.

According to Braun, coming up with this android-powered mirror concept took him some time and numerous experimentations. He admits that he is still not done with the concept, despite the mirror looking elegant and working perfectly. For now, the mirror’s UI is automatically updated with news and weather, thanks to Android APIs. The mirror can also magically listen to questions with a voice search feature like the one available on Google’s mobile app.


Image Source: medium.com

With this android-powered mirror, it becomes real and possible to imagine of a world where you can get every important update and information while applying your make-up or brushing your teeth. Braun has already noted that he will add many other features to the mirror such as traffic updates and reminders before it is officially unveiled to the market that is if it will ever reach that stage.