We all know how much of a pain it is to try and be active with our music, well this company went out and did something about it.

In the world where music streaming is the trendiest way of listening to music, most of us probably still feel that having to use Smartphones to enjoy music streaming is somehow not reliant. This is because Smartphones are bulky and fragile, especially when you are working out and feel the need to listen to music. The way your Android or iPhone devices flap around your pocket during workouts is not only frustrating, but utterly exasperating. And perhaps after going through this hell, an innovative Anthony Pu has created a device that now provides solution to this Smartphone mess.


The device that is known as Mighty is lightweight, long-lasting and small enough to just clip on any piece of cloth. This is a device that enables you to enjoy the world of Spotify Premium, which literally brings music streaming at your fingertips, without any internet connection or having to worry about damaging your Smartphone during workouts.

In essence, Mighty is a tiny slim device that looks like the classic iPod and can play Spotify music without having to use a Smartphone. This device is incredible in the sense that it lets you sync your Spotify music into the device itself so that you can listen to music without having to connect to the internet. Apart from this Mighty device, there is actually no other device or app that can allow you to listen to Spotify music without having a reliable data connection.

This incredible device is a startup idea of a Californian-based company that looks to enhance the experience of listening to music. It can store up to 48 hours of music with a battery that last for 10 hours of playback