Musk gets one step closer to his high speed reality.

The total test lasted only under two seconds, which is an astonishingly short amount of time, but understandable considering that the concept on test can cover over 700 miles just under an hour. Sounds impressive? It sure is. We’re talking about Hyperloop One: a futuristic transportation system that is set to upend transportation.

It’s true that civilization, in terms of transportation, has come a very long way from the days of the Wright Brothers “Kitty Hawk” but this new tech will surely evoke the same reaction from future generations when they look back on land travel.

To show how close we’re getting to making this idea a reality, Hyperloop One did a successful propulsion test in the Nevada desert. The test, where the aluminum sled-like tube accelerated to 116mph in 1.1 seconds before coming to an abrupt stop in a rousing spray of sand, is an early and clear indication that the challenges of high speed long-distance transport could soon be a thing of the past.

According to Gregory Hodkinson, chairman of Arup Group, one of the engineering partners involved in the test; “Hyperloop will potentially solve many of today’s complex long-distance transport problems.” It’s expected that Hyperloop One will possibly start cargo transportation by 2019 and humans could be using it by 2021. It’s a concept that will redefine the future of transportation and its going to happen sooner than you think.