The Geekiest Track Ever is Here

We know the saying “Music is everywhere!”, but no one proves it better than Pawel Zadrozniak. This self-proclaimed computer geek is quite a well known Polish artist who started creating music with only the use of equipment from old computer systems and is better known in the geek world by the nickname ‘Silent’.

Obsessed with his creation, which is certainly a blast – and we are not just talking geek standards here – he has even named the hardware orchestra designed by him a rather cool-sounding ‘The Floppotron’! And to watch this device churn out music is as mesmerising as the music itself.


This computer nerd, thanks to his innovative moves and obvious love for music, spools out tracks using scanners, floppy disk drives and hard drives and his tunes resemble the original tracks. His latest venture was with The Imperial March theme song from the famous epic space opera franchise that is a haven of its own for geeky fans, Star Wars.

Zadrozniak, aka Silent, spins this amazing track connecting 8 hard drives, 64 floppy drives and 2 scanners.


The musical notes co-ordinated between these various pieces of computer equipment are so synchronised that it creates a perfect rendition of John Williams’ original theme track.

Williams’ film score is an iconic soundtrack that has been associated with Star Wars since the beginning and although recreating this music with basic computer equipment may seem like an unheard of proposition, Zadrozniak has not only managed to accomplish this feat but does it with flair too.

Being an expert with computer equipment, Zadrozniak understands how equipment such as scanners and floppy drives work and uses voltage and electric speed to generate the required sounds from them and this has enabled him to produce the exact sounds from these devices.

Apart from the Star Wars track, this computer and creative genius has also worked on the creative versions of the theme tunes from the famous television series such as Hawaii Five-O and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.