Tesla is trying to bring the self driving car into the new age one step at a time.

It is not the first time that they have surprised us with their innovative and futuristic ways, but they are at it again. This time, they are making it even far far much better. For many months now, Tesla Motors have been working hours on end to come up with incredible technological blocks that will enable cars to actually drive themselves without the requirement of human intervention. As one of the well-known electric-car makers, Tesla Motors, led by Elon Musk, has now released its refreshing autopilot independent-driving feature that will enhance the way every one of us does his/her daily commute.

Even though driverless cars are possibly some years away, Tesla Motors is leading the way with its invention of a new automation system that will be controlled by the a futuristic technology known as over-the-air software updates. This software will not only allow cars to drive themselves without human intervention, but will also carry out duties that humans have been doing for centuries, such as opening the garage.

A short and captivating video released by the company shows how this autopilot feature will change the way humans go about their daily commute. This revolutionary commute will begin not by opening the garage, but by simply pulling out an enhanced Smartphone to activate “Summon.” The “Summon” activation will enable you to command your car to pull out of the garage or its parking spot.

Once you’ve summoned your car, the autopilot feature will independently steer the car to keep it in a centered lane and maintain a particular distance that is set by you. As the driver of the car, all you will have to do is to initiate the next move and let the autopilot do the rest. For instance, you will initiate automated lane shift by clicking a turn signal stalk on the side of whatever lane you prefer.

Still in its prototype stage, the autopilot feature oozes a feeling of a technology that will be so important to commuters in relieving drivers of virtually every tedious duty that comes with driving a car. This feature will also certainly increase safety on the roads and reduce many dangerous aspects that road users experience almost on a daily basis, thereby making highway driving even more pleasurable.

For now, Tesla Motors notes that its new autopilot feature will be included in its Model S cars. These sedans have been in production since 2014, but with this new innovation, they will be properly equipped to drive themselves possibly in three years time as long as the company is given permission by regulators to implement this futuristic marvel.