With the Microsoft Holoportation project, we just might be closer to teleporting than we think.

We have all seen those movies where realistic 3D images are teleported from one place to another and people interact with each other as if the other person, who may be thousands of miles away, is actually in the room. Well, Microsoft’s Holoportation technology has now made those film sequences pretty much a reality

The concept is fairly simple – capturing images through 3D capture technology and then transmitting these videos anywhere you wish. Of course, the reconstruction and compression bits fall in between these two steps, making sure that the images are perfect and the files aren’t too heavy to upload or download.

Here’s video showing you just how it works.

It all looks so cool and easy, right.   Now, we are sure there has been a lot of work that has gone into this, but the results are what the general world is interested in and by far, the results are amazing.

While this technology allows us to import the 3D imagery of a person into our space, and project ours in a similar manner.  However, the true magic of this technology is revealed when users wear headsets like the HoloLens, allowing them to see, talk to and communicate freely with the other person, with only a faintest hint that the person isn’t actually right there.

Access to Microsoft Holoportation means that we’ll be able to be in ‘contact’ with friends and family, who may actually thousands of miles away, much more often.  Of course, the commercial implications are endless too, but for now, lets think about the mushy parts!

Thank you Microsoft. Now let us know when we can get our hands on this technology. Oh, and do make it as cheap as you can, please!