Fashion and Technology Look Great Together.

Fashion has always been open to wild ideas, so when technology knocked on its doors, there was no reason to say no! Wearable technology is the latest trend in the fashion industry and technologically advanced apparel seems to be what everyone wants to see on the ramp.

So what does the fashion industry offer? Everything from smart tents that also double up as a jacket, apparel that can hold your mobile devices as well as help you use them optimally through smart integration and even healthcare gadgets that are part of your attire – the list is an impressive one.

Ruben Gomez, with his Masdar Coats collection, is a pioneer in this particular arena, taking wearable technology to new frontiers with his win at the Samsung Ego Innovation Project for the 2015 Fall-Winter season.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain witnessed the unveiling of several smart products from the Masdar Coats lineup and Gomez’s creations proved to be quite inspiring.

Hands-free integration, speakers, and even LED lighting all found place in this fashion collection, and in parkas and sweaters too!

As far as smart technology in wearables is concerned, yet another product that gets safety into the mix is the Siren ring.

The stylish ring, with gold and silver options as well as a string of precious stones to choose from, doubles up as a safety device too, allowing the wearer to set off a piercing alarm if there is any danger around.  The future of fashion and tech keeps getting more and more stylish.