This company out of the UK is working on a way that will make glucose monitoring less of a hassle.

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases humans have to face and although there is no breakthrough yet or a thorough cure for it, help is now at hand as far as monitoring that crucial glucose level is concerned.

Diabetes affects millions across the globe and the numbers in 2013 were pushing around 382 million. Type 1 Diabetes, is caused by the destruction of beta cells – which help produce insulin- by the body’s own immune system. Type 2 Diabetes 2, caused by high-calorie diets and obesity among other unhealthy factors, are both cause for worry in spite of the innovations in health studies and research.


A reliable cure is still nowhere in sight for now, and therefore, keeping glucose levels in check is the next best thing you can do help stay ahead of this disease.

The best options we had in this arena before was to prick a needle into our fingertips and use the drawn out blood with a glucose-monitoring machine to read glucose levels. Now, for those who may not have tried this, a small prick of the finger may seem run of the mill, however, when one has to do it every day, and in some cases several times a day, it does turn out to be a painful process. And of course, these procedures turn out to be quite expensive too.

Continuous monitoring is essential in cases that are susceptible to Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia, the former reflecting extremely low levels of glucose, and the latter, extremely high levels – which are both equally dangerous to body, and even potentially fatal if left untreated.


Now, a new skin patch is being developed that will makes it all easier – and cheaper too. SugarBEAT, a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system, offers a minimally invasive alternative to keeping an eye on glucose readings in your body, and it’s all done through a skin patch. Since this skin patch can be worn on the body through the day, the readings are continuous as well – imperative in cases where the insulin levels to be given to the patient must be in line with the fluctuating glucose numbers in the patients body. Moreover, the skin patch is linked to a smartwatch, the display of which reflects the numbers required to know the levels of glucose in the body.


The SugarBEAT device has already been sanctioned for use by regulatory authorities and is a great solution for those who are looking for effective, continuous and minimally invasive ways for dependable diabetes management.

The device displays real-time glucose readings via several options – a specially designed reader, a smartwatch or even via Bluetooth on a smartphone. The patch itself acts as a data storage device, allowing users to access old data.


Developed by Nemaura Medical, SugarBEAT is convenient on several levels, firstly, it is up to the user to decide whether he or she wishes to wear the patch continuously, or at regular intervals. Secondly, since the glucose monitoring is happening on a continual basis, it helps keep better track of any fluctuations, allowing the patient, close ones or medical attendants to administer the necessary amount of insulin or other medication to get the levels back to normal.

In the US, Nemaura Medical has plans to begin studies later this year, while a second US FDA pre-submission is on its way. In Europe, it recently received notification of a CE Approval, thus enabling the company to plan for a European launch of SugarBEAT by the end of 2016.

Well, we may not yet have found a cure for diabetes, but at least with SugarBEAT, we can keep a closer eye, and less painful, on it.