Sunway-Taihulight is the World’s Fastest Supercomputer

China has again got one over on the U.S. and has gone even further ahead in the world of supercomputers after launching Sunway-Taihulight, which is now officially the speediest supercomputer in the world.

What used to be an arms race between the U.S., China, and a few other technological nations, for supercomputer sovereignty has been openly blown into a one nation race – taking into account that the previous supercomputer champ, the Tianhe-2 is also from China.


Built on Chinese domestic chip technology, Sunway-Taihulight has incredible features that make it an absolute monster.  It has 10,649,600 cores, a theoretical peak performance of 125 petaflops and a primary memory of 1.31 petabytes.

To put it into perspective, Sunway-Taihulight is five times faster than the fastest supercomputer in the US, which now ranks at number three. This is a major forward step for China, considering that there were no Chinese supercomputers in the world’s top 500 ranking fifteen years ago, but they now take the top two spots plus another 165.


Speaking about the system’s ability, the head of the manufacture center Yang Guangwen said:

“It would take two million desktop computers working together for 60 seconds to do the same calculation that a single Sunway-Taihulight can solve in the same period.”

It remains to be seen how US supercomputer developers will react to this news.