Long awaited announcement shows Sony’s plans to get into the wearable department.

Google Glass has been the most recognized wearable gadget in the visual wearable segment for a while now, and although several developers have been attempting to catch up to Google’s prowess on this platform, few have made any significant ripples. Now, Sony seems to have made the most noteworthy move in this vertical by launching the Sony Smart Eyeglass in a special Developer Edition.

So how does Sony play this one out? Here are a few details.

The first time we heard about the Sony Smart Eyeglass was in September 2015, and even then, it was clear that Sony’s product wouldn’t be as refined as Google’s.


Certain facts related to these augmented reality holographic goggles tend to prove this out.

Sony’s wearable glasses weigh 77g, a little on the heavier side when compared to the 43g that Google Glass weighs. Even so, Sony managed to keep it lighter than what was initially expected.

Another glaring disadvantage is that the Sony Smart Eyeglass cannot be worn by those who wear spectacles, unlike Google Glass.

Moreover, the Eyeglass can only be put to use for specific functions.

Apart from these anomalies, an electronic compass, a 3 Megapixel camera, a brightness sensor, an accelerometer and a gyrometer make Sony’s Eyeglass a pretty tech savvy device. The battery, microphone and a speaker are also part of the control pack.

The Developer Edition is here now, and we can’t wait to see what Sony has in store in the near future.