We’ve all been there, looking like the Michelin man in winter with all the layers that we need to stay moderately warm.  Well now those days are done.

So you’re preparing yourself for a hike in the mountains or a ride on your bike on snow-covered tracks? Chances are you probably look like a mountain gorilla by the time you’re finished dressing for the adventure, thanks to the multiple layers you’ll need to not becoem a human Popsicle

Well looks like those day might just be over thanks to the Orion series of winter apparel from the team at OROS.  Trust us, this clothing line is out of this world, it will keep you u warm and cozy in the coldest of temperatures, while keeping the volume of layers required at a minimum.


The traditional way of keeping us warm relied on using air – yes, air – as a medium to create warmth and increase insulation in normal everyday wear or adventure wear. With SolarCore Aerogel, OROS has changed the game and can now deliver wearables that are

“two to eight times more effective than traditional insulation”.

Taking the OROS Lukla Jacket as an example, it has a rating of -50 Degrees Celsius, which means it’s enough protection to conquer Everest, should you ever choose to go up that road!

To showcase just how effective their technology is, the team at OROS even had one if its founders put the jacket on and the get blasted with a hit Liquid Nitrogen!  How cold was that, would you believe that the outside of the jacket hit a temperature of negative 321 degrees, yes negative 321, but the inside of jacket remained at 89 degrees above!

How many other apparel line owners out there do you think would be willing to do this to prove how great their product is!


The best part though, is that the Orion line of apparel does all this without adding bulky wear to your wardrobe with their proprietary Softcore Aerogel technology.  But what it Aerogel? Well Aerogel is, in functional scientific terms, the lowest thermal conductive solid on the planet. Or for us mere mortals, its the best insulator on the planet.  How good is it you ask?  We’re glad you asked, because we found out that NASA uses this stuff on space suits and on rockets to protect them.  So, yes it’s pretty solid, but the great part is that it doesn’t weigh much.  The team at Oros says that

“…it would take 150 brick-sized pieces of Aerogel to weigh as much as a single gallon of water…”

The crew at Oros came with their proprietary Solarcore formulation which allows it to be the first aerogel use that’s able to be uses for clothing and what this means is that the material has

“…incredible flexibility, hydrophobicity, durability, sound absorbency, and breathability all while maintaining the incredible insulation that aerogels are known for…”

The other cool thing about this tech is that Aerogel also has an exceptional ability to keep people cool in hot temperatures, yes it can keep you cool when it gets up to 148 degrees above!

So here’s to looking smart and staying warm in the harshest of winters without having to look like the marshmallow man.