Your Windows Might Be Albe To Generate Electricity

Solar energy is one of the technologies that’s deemed to be one of the answers to lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. While changing the playing field to help drive the maximized consumption of clean and renewable energy is still a dream that may come true in the coming decades, the foundation for a world driven by clean energy is being laid out today by companies such as SolarWindow Technologies Inc.

When it comes to solar energy, we usually picture large solar panels that take up entire roofs of buildings or even panels laid out in their hundreds on acres of open land. Well, SolarWindow is set to change all that with a new technology that aims to transform every window in a building into something that captures and stores the energy.

This innovative technology is still under development and involves transparent veneers that generate electricity, a technology that could help every window in a building contribute to its electricity grid without the hassle of laying out elaborate solar panels.

The process of manufacturing transparent solar panels, which is based on coatings that can be applied to glass and plastic surfaces, begins with the application of liquid coats to surfaces, drying them and then repeating the cycle to produce coatings that produce the electricity.

The primary consumer market that SolarWindow wishes to tap through this innovative clean energy product is the skyscraper segment. The company predicts that if the 5 million skyscrapers in the US alone were to adopt this technology, the amount of enegy that these buildings consume now could be cut in half.

This technology seems promising and somewhat simple to adopt and we hope that it gets up and running soon.

Here’s a video that will tell you all about this technology from SolarWindow.