Google’s Project Sunroof is Worth Trying

Google is perhaps the best friend that has had your back in almost every situation. Whether you want to translate a foreign language, learn for the meaning of something or just compare air fares, Google has always been there for you.

To make your life even better, the internet search engine company is now rolling out rooftop solar panels as a new Eco-friendly product that stands to cut down your energy costs this summer and in future.

Known as Project Sunroof, this new online service allows homeowners to instantly tally the considerations and benefits of installing solar and whether buying or leasing the solar panels would be cheap.

Using eye-in-the-sky photos from Google Earth and the amount of shade that’s casted on your rooftop by trees, as well as combining data on local weather patterns and the panels’ industry pricing, this product will allow you to make a decision whether to install the panels or not.


Having come to light, pun intended, almost a year ago, Project Sunroof has now expanded to 42 states in the US and will soon become the new way of enjoying the precious natural phenomenon: the sun.