Shape-Shifting Blackbird Can Mimic Just about Any Car

To be honest, the Blackbird is one vehicle that can actually speak for itself. It’s a minimalist machine that’s the master of impersonation. Basically, the Blackbird is a futuristic car that’s already hyping adrenaline among automotive enthusiasts and is set to crack the biggest problem in automotive advertising and transform it.

Built by London-based FX studio The Mill, Blackbird is a fully adjustable car that can be automatically modified to impersonate just about any automobile in existence. Whether you want to do a commercial for a Lamborghini, a BMW or a Honda, the Blackbird has your back. In other words, it can actually emulate the characteristics of almost any car, past, present and future.


How does it accomplish all these?  In essence, the Blackbird can instantly convert its chassis to match the exact length and width of just about any car. It runs on an electric motor that’s perfectly programmed to meet the acceleration curves and gearing shifts of any car.  It also comes with adjustable suspensions that can alter ride heights, dampening and rigidity to imitate any standard driving characteristics.


And because it’s manufactured for automotive advertising purposes, it has impeccable camera assortments made to capture high quality footage and data with utmost ease. Whether you need 3D laser scanned imagery or high dynamic photos, Blackbird has features to generate realistic CG renderings.

This is really a game changer.