Keeping your privacy private is a challenge on the best of days and the reality is that pretty much everything on your mobile device can be looked at.

It is indeed a scary thought to know that almost every single detail of your life – phone calls messages, emails, chats and more – are not really as protected as they should be. The lack, and even invasion of privacy, is a serious issue, and even more worrisome is the fact that few products out there are actually dedicated to the privacy demands of a worried generation.

But the Blackphone may help solve this. This is one product that takes privacy seriously – very seriously – and delivers too!


Encryption is the technological shield that this product wields and entering the market in 2014, with further development in 2015, the Blackphone has already grown to be a popular product with those who seek privacy above every other selling point.

While using a Blackphone, every bit of data that a user exchanges is hidden in encrypted form. So whether it is your conversation with others, those important messages, your personal and official emails or even the searches you run on the World Wide Web, it’s all encrypted.

So is encryption the absolute solution to privacy? Well, total anonymity is more of a myth than reality in today’s world but yes, encryption does offer enhanced privacy, unmatched by any other technology in the cellphone world.

Then, there are applications like Snapchat, Whisper and Secret too, which manage to keep your online activities under wraps to a great extent.

Pretty much the only thing better than the Blackphone when it comes to privacy is to stop using that cellphone all together.