Until the iPhone 6 Series of phones came along, it sure looked like Android would win the smartphone war for good. Then, Apple tilted the scales in its favor up to a certain extent with a fair amount of success.

Now, Samsung has made a brave attempt to get back the Android platform into buyers’ books, and will also fight market share challenges it faces from cheaper options that have been emerging from Chinese markets. In this battle, its weapons of choices are the Samsung S6 and the Samsung S6 Edge.

The S6 comes in the same screen size that the its predecessor, the S5 had, although the enhanced screen resolution of 577 pixels per inch offers users a lot more in terms of visuals.  The S6 Edge has improved the game on another level, offering a curved display that allows users to use the edge to access several important functions with ease. This feature greatly enhances navigation and makes the phone look stylish too.

Cameras are important components these days and both models from Samsung are equipped with 16-Megapixel cameras. Features such as Image Stabilization make every click a great-looking one.

The battery life too looks promising, with a 12-hour backup supporting Wi-Fi access and 11 hours on LTE usage. Charging has been improved too, with wireless charging options and a super-quick charge of just 10 minutes offering up to four hours of backup.