While the likes of Amazon and Netflix (to only name a few) would prefer to see the complete demise of Pirate Bay, it doesn’t look like their wish is going to come true any time soon.

For over a decade, The Pirate Bay has been that one online piracy site that copyright holders in the movie industry have tried to fight down, but the battle seems to get tougher. Even after its founders were taken to jail, the Swedish website seems to get even better by enhancing access of illegal copies of movies and TV shows in a way that is stipulated to rival and cause ire among bigwigs such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In taking their cat-and-mouse game to another high level, The Pirate Bay has now adopted a new technology that sensationally turns it into some sort of ‘illegal’ Netflix. This infamous streaming site is now giving its users an access to massive movies and TV shows by allowing users to instantly download movies to their machines or stream them directly from the website.

In essence, the site has now included a ‘spy button’ to encourage visitor to stream movies. The button uses superb streaming torrents that discards the waiting process of downloading just like in the case of Netflix and does not require the use of any third party software. In other words, visitors to the site will stream videos from the site as it is done on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

While such an online service is not new, it’s a service that will help The Pirate Bay transform itself into one of the biggest streaming sites in the world, albeit in an illegal capacity. The Pirate Bay seems to have partnered with Torrents-Time, a plug-in for browsers that allows users to stream any form of video that is available on torrent sites directly in a browser such as Firefox or Chrome, rather than having to worry about downloading that given content first.


Being a plug-in that was made by the developers of the infamous Popcorn Time, this crafty app is likely to turn The Pirate Bay into an awesome pirate streaming library, a move that will definitely ruffle many feathers within Hollywood. With this move, The Pirate Bay is directly taking on movie streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Either way, it still remains to be seen how these giants will react to this latest piracy development.