Rolls Royce Offers a Peek into the Future with its Driverless Concept Car

The technologies that we’re witnessing today were nothing more than a concept on paper a few years ago, and at times, the brilliant minds that devised these designs and theories didn’t even believe that they would actually exist someday.  Well, that’s the beauty of the human mind and its capability to bring to life mere thoughts, and when it comes to testing this brilliance, concept cars rule the platform.


Many of the cars we see today were mere thoughts in the minds of car designers and even fans at one point in time, so when we take a look at this amazing driverless concept car from Rolls Royce, you know you are witnessing more than just a dream. This one’s a design willing to take on reality, and boy, does it already look stunning.


Aptly named the Vision 100, this car looks like it has driven itself in from the future – and when we say driven itself, we mean it. After all, this is a driverless concept car we are talking about. The design is unmistakably stamped with the legendary looks of a Rolls Royce of course, telling us how some traditions stay intact even with the passage of time, and this car manufacturer sure seems to be in mood to allow the future affect its image.

There’s a huge leap, and although this one has Rolls Royce stamped all over it, what it offers is way beyond what any car manufacturer offers today, and therein lays the promise.


Elegance and class oozes out of every nook and cranny of this concept car, and every detail seems packed with luxury. For those who simply see the pictures of the interior of the car first, it may seem like a futuristic lounge or living room rather than the inside of a car. That’s how luxurious and free-flowing the design is.


Wheels that are tucked away under a svelte and futuristic design and smooth swinging doors are only the beginning here. The absence of a cockpit – this one’s a driverless car after all – and the extra space for the passenger may all seem like a whim today, but in the near future, it is sure to turn into a real machine that you can touch and experience.

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This is one we just can’t wait for, and although Rolls Royce has no plans to mass produce this version, it does promise the integration of several of its elements into its future machines. For now, that’s good enough for us.