Really Cool Interactive VR Installation Looks Like Carpet

Talented virtual reality artist Miguel Chevalier created a large-scale and interactive “carpet of light” at the 2016 Milton Keynes International Festival. The virtual reality installation that was designed based on various inspirations drawn from the cityscape of the British town involved multi-colored graphic scenes that mixed together multiple patterns and sensors.

The Paris-based Mexican was chosen as the festival’s resident artist and he didn’t disappoint. As a pioneer of virtual reality art, Miguel created a magical carpet at the Middleton Hall that had an interactive kaleidoscopic feel about it that virtually invited visitors to walk and explore the amazing project.

The vivid colors grids and designs of the project created an astonishing trompe l’oeil effect that disrupted the visitors’ perception by theatrically creating moving arc impressions. Miguel combined prefigured digital art, illusional optics and kinetic art techniques to create a gigantic virtual light that constantly evolves with twists, sizes and moves to create diverse and lovely complex shapes.

Miguel’s poetic installation created a magical atmosphere, which offered a kaleidoscopic familiarity to the visitors and showed them the infinity of nature that the virtual reality universe could actually bring.
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