Sprayscape Your Photos into Virtual Reality

Even though still in its infancy, it’s easy to see why Virtual Reality (VR) is widely hailed as one of the biggest upcoming trends on technology frontiers. That said, most of us have never seen a 360-degree camera, let alone set hands on it. But thanks to Google; we can now take advantage of the newest VR app to capture wild 360-degree photos using our smartphones.

In keeping up the Joneses of the VR tech world, Google recently upped its VR game by unveiling an app known as Sprayscape, which basically enables users to capture wild 360-degree VR-like photos.



By pointing your smartphone’s rear camera on whatever subjects you want to capture, the app allows you to hold down a finger on the displayed subjects to capture them and the surrounding environment as much as you’d like to, and produces oval-shaped blobs akin to the way things appear in augmented VR.

In essence, Sprayscape produces painting-like motions when the final image is created. While this may not be what the cool kids are doing right now, the cool kids of tomorrow will surely embrace it.

And because we love taking pictures and will continue taking them, why not try this app to smash two images together and be on the cool side of technology novelty when tomorrow comes.