When you think of Real Madrid and the some of the world’s best players, as well as some of the world’s most dedicated fans come to mind.

In a bid to reward fans for their loyalty, and to give them more access to all that the club and its players are up to, during as well as before and after the game, Real Madrid has now teamed up with Microsoft, a groundbreaker in its own field, to develop a special app.

The app, devoted to Real Madrid fans, gives fans the opportunity to get more out of a match that their club is playing, replaying exciting moments and even allowing access to different camera angles.

Apart from the plays in a match, the app also lets users get their hands on important statistics as well as view and listen in on important interviews. If its club merchandise they are interested in, these can be purchased via the app.

The app has updated information on every important detail related to Real Madrid and its players as well as support crew. Until now, the official website of the club, and media reports that came in from different sources (some of them guesses more than facts), were the only channels for fans to know all that was going on with their favorite team.

Now, the fan has a lot more control over all they wish to explore, and all that’s required is a smartphone and the Real Madrid app!