The new Razer’s OSVR HDK 2 VR Headset is Cool on Many Levels.

Virtual Reality is here to stay, and thankfully, more and more players are getting in on the platform, in turn making the radical medium more innovative, accessible, as well as affordable.

Razer, known for specialized gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice, is the latest player on the block to bump up the ante on exploring the VR world and brings to us VR and gaming freaks the OSVR HDK 2 – the Open Source Virtual Reality Hacker Development Kit.

The specs are great and the price certainly affordable. So will this gadget push its accomplished competitors like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift off the top shelves? Let’s check out the details and then decide.

The first pro that works well for Razer’s VR headset is the compatibility factor. An open source platform allows developers to use its capabilities with various brands of hardware, and this means that the VR imagery can be integrated with several types of controllers.


The specs are pretty impressive too, and when seen in tandem with the affordable price tag of just $399 – against the relatively higher prices of the Vive and Oculus – these are indeed worth talking about. There’s the 2160×1200 resolution, a pretty neat-looking piece of hardware that’s fits well for something that’s priced so low, a 110-degree field of view and a 90 Hz refresh rate make the HDK 2 a big deal at a small price.

In addition of all these pros, there’s something else that OSVR has done to make the HDK 2 a developer’s dream – a $5 million OSVR Developer Fund that encourages developers to create incredible VR experiences, and this fund will work for developers working across all VR hardware, without the worries of DRM policies weighing them down.


“It is our contention that if everyone who is constructively contributing to the VR ecosystem succeeds, then VR will succeed. Closed doors in the world of development are a death sentence,”

says Christopher Mitchell, the OSVR lead at Razer, explaining the initiative.

An affordable VR headset, a fund to prod developers and specs that are decent – if this is enough to make you want to grab a Razer OSVR HDK 2, all you have to do is wait until July when the product begins shipping.