Sony has decided that its going all in with its entry into the VR space.

Sony is hoping to ride on the wave of its top-selling game console, the PlayStation 4, by venturing into the Virtual Reality (VR) market this coming October. The company announced at a Game Developers’ Conference that it will release its much-awaited PlayStation VR headset in October and dropped a bit of a bomb with its anticipate price point of only $399.

The PlayStation VR headset will include a 5.7-inch screen, nine LED lights for 360 degrees head tracking through the PS camera (which will be sold separately for $44), six-axis motion sensing system, as well as stereo headphones. All these will be used in the PS4, which Sony has more than 36 million in the market that could run the VR platform.


Speaking about this new device, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said;

“Virtual Reality is the new frontier for gaming, one that is set to forever change the way users interact with games. We are not just proud of the price point that we have achieved with our device, but also because the cost of ownership of PlayStation and this VR device is going to be a lot more affordable than many rival PCs and VR devices.”

Sony is hoping that its VR device will give it a head start in the ever expanding virtual reality market that has Oculus Rift, the Hololens and HTC Vive as the major players. These rivals recently made headlines with their VR devices that are considered much more expensive and require powerful computing power to run. Getting a PS4 and the PlayStation VR headset for around $750 is definitely not bad considering the entry prices of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive plus a gaming rig.

Hang on to your headsets, this sh*t’s about to get real, well virtually real.